Ethical manufacturing supports a continuing legacy of craftsmanship and expertise with the goal of responsibly produced fine textiles.


Jennifer Daley

Jennifer Daley has spent three decades of her professional life as an intuitive designer, a creative director and entrepreneur in the contemporary business climate. For the last seven years, Jennifer has unwaveringly pursued her vision of optimizing high performance textiles for high quality everyday living by submerging herself in the world of custom textile design and production techniques. Enlisting a wide variety of specialists to enable this project’s success, in 2011 she launched the endeavor, Jennifer Daley Fine Textiles. And now she is bringing to market the fruition of nearly a decade of work in the development of a line of products that challenge the notions of contemporary textiles while paying homage to the quality of artisanal craftsmanship.

Andreas Daley

Andreas Daley’s experiences and strengths lie in his mastery of the planning processes for complex, long-term projects, and management of the release of new products to market. For ten years in the thick of a successful start-up and a further sixteen years for a major Silicon Valley tech powerhouse, Andreas has achieved a proven track record of impressive results. As the co-principal of Jennifer Daley Textiles, he brings the perfect degree of down-to-earth managerial expertise to the ongoing development and manufacturing of our sustainable textile line.

Our Story

We’d like to introduce you to our company and products. Our idea was born in the outdoors. We spend a lot of time there, and in that time, encountered opportunities for making our experience better.

In the beginning, we got wet and cold – doing the kinds of things we love – skiing, hot springing, sailing and just being in the great outdoors. We found that in using the commonly available materials for getting dry and warm – cotton terrycloth towels – we weren’t being satisfied. The towels would become wet on first use, and from then on they’d be a cold, damp mess, leaving us chilled, uncomfortable, and looking for relief. There’s nothing worse than a wet towel when you need to get warm. We needed something new.

Textiles are a part of being human, for thousands and thousands of years. What could we bring to that rich heritage that wouldn’t simply be more clutter? Could we reduce the quantity of things in our life and replace them with a few items of great quality? Could our idea simplify our lives and make them richer at the same time? Could we make a product that concentrates a variety of things – a luxury item, a utilitarian product and a technical product, combined into one?

We wanted a fabric that could withstand rigorous use in diverse climates, yet present an aura of beauty in everyday applications. A fabric that performed when wet or dry, of a quality and weave that might make our grandmother look twice. So we decided to make our own. We began experimenting, and collaborating with artisans who shared our vision. We gathered a group of specialized talents who share our beliefs in quality, everyday living and local community, and we went to work with wool.

Wool is one of the most absorbent fibers, more so than cotton, it is thermo-neutral, dries quickly, is mold resistant, durable, and gets better with time, unlike cotton which breaks down quickly. Animal fiber is far more elegant and functional than plant fibers in the finished product. Wool production is sustainable and natural. It is locally available in the US in great quality, having emigrated here from the rich traditions of Europe and Asia. And it can be made washable, if properly treated, constructed and blended with other fine fibers.

We researched and tested hundreds of ideas and resources: sourcing raw materials, yarn blending and spinning, fabric weaves and traditional weaving, garment designs, indigenous solutions, wool harvesting, dyeing, bleaching and finishings. Little by little, we got closer and closer to answering our question: Can we make this better?

We married the sensual feeling of the finest modern wool blends to artisanal production techniques of shuttle weaving and produced cloth that is durable and easy to care for, yet contains the timeless luxury of handmade heirloom finishes reminiscent of early American crafts. We engineered a series of wool-based yarns, fabrics and products manufactured here in the United States. Our textile products provide a real value that embodies the feeling on the skin, the quality, beauty, functionality and timelessness through traditional craft and contemporary styling.

Five years in development, and produced in collaboration with some of the great fabric and garment craftspersons in the United States, Jennifer Daley Textiles challenges you to take the leap into the next generation of durable, regenerative fabrics and products.