We’ve created a space for you to experience our textiles first hand. The decor and furnishings of this unique home are filled with the results of our textile development work – beautiful natural wool-blended fabrics for bed sheets, towels, and bath mats. Our products are tested on the premises, and available for sale and custom orders in the ground floor studio / showroom.

The soft bed sheets are made from 90% wool, 10% silk. We heavily tested our sheets over the course of a year and the fabric gets better over many washes and looks ironed and fresh as the first time they were used.

Our model home features a combination of our contemporary and historical replica fabrics. The runner shown here is called Maple Leaf, an ingrain carpet design from the 1850’s. The Window Pane blanket hanging over the chair is an early American design, both woven by Thistle Hill Weavers, NY.

Shown here is a contemporary wool-silk, pink pillow using a modified herringbone, the couch is Angstadt pattern 99 from 18th century weavings of Jacob Angstadt, and the floor runner is a wool, Venetian inspired 100% wool runners are easy to keep clean and are durable for everyday heavy use. Fabrics woven at Thistle Hill Weavers, NY.

The towels are designed for functionality and longevity using time honored production techniques combined with modern wool-blended yarns. Very absorbent, fast drying, and maintain their beauty over many years, unlike traditional cotton towels. Woven by Thistle Hill Weavers, NY.

Enjoy the warmth of our wool blankets inspired by early American patterns, woven at Thistle Hill Weavers, NY. Blankets left to right, Patriot, Chief, and traditional Window Pane.

Our textiles are both functionally and esthetically beautiful and can be showcased in a variety of settings both modern and traditional. The runner shown here is called Maple Leaf, an ingrain carpet design from the 1850’s woven by Thistle Hill Weavers, NY.

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