Regenerative Design Garden

The Daley Textile Lab and House are surrounded by a permaculture garden engaged in cultivating a self-maintained habitat of connective agriculture. Our designs and experiments for rain water recycling, soil revitalization, and crop cycling, embody our mission to cultivate renewable resources and produce no waste. The garden is where our fabrics and products are field tested for application and durability.

This house was built in 1889 and was a Alameda community landmark housing the much-loved Thomsen’s Nursery and Vine’s Cafe for over 60 years.

We started literally from a blank slate – an empty lot left to itself after the nursery closed.

We cleaned up the lot removing 40,000 pounds of concrete and other debris to prepare the grounds for soil rehabilitation.

As a first step we covered the whole ground with recycled cardboard and eco mulch to create a foundation for planting.

Composting plays a major role in restoring nutrients to the soil.

The garden produces an abundance of fruits, herbs and vegetables, and supports a vibrant environment for bees, birds and butterflies.