Custom, engineered yarn

Our towels are woven from a custom spun, 4-ply yarn. Plying creates a stronger, more resilient textile than the single yarns typically found in most fabrics today. This twisting process smooths the surface of the yarn preventing pilling, and creating softness and absorbency unlike any other. We have never encountered a yarn more suited to a towel of the highest quality – light, durable, and unique.

Our fibers, yarns, and fabrics are sourced, produced, and manufactured by craftspeople in the United States. Starting with our custom blend of these finest yarns, using fibers such as merino wool, silk, alpaca, bamboo, linen, and hemp, we have engineered exquisite weaves inspired by early American weaving.

From this beginning, we have created comfortable, easy care, and long-lasting textile products.

Weaving the fabric
of the future

Because of the organic nature of animal protein fibers such as wool, our fabrics are thermo-neutral in performance. “Thermo-neutral” describes the balance between an organism and it’s environment. Unlike a cotton terry towel, this fabric actually warms to meet your natural temperature, producing the effect of a second skin, and self-regulating between the ambient temperature and your body’s own heat.

We work with specialized small run weavers and award winning product designers to create thoughtful, functional designs. The results are products and fabrics which meet the challenges of diverse climates and rigorous use, placed in a context of stunning and austere beauty.


Tree Weave

Our Tree Weave is a vertical design, based on the traditional “Flying Geese Chevron” pattern, updated for a modern version to compliment any bathroom decor. We are inspired by history and by utilizing the knowledge of our ancestors weaving techniques and patterns, and combining it with our improved modern yarns. The result is an elegant yet functional bath textile unlike anything on the market.

M’s and O’s weave

The M’s and O’s weave is believed to have originally come from Europe, specifically England, Germany, Finland and Sweden. Samples exist from the early 17th Century though it may be found in many other cultures around the world. It is based on the “Huck Weave” family, brought to America (and Canada) via Finnish settlers and became popular in the 1620’s. This historical weave originally called Sålldräll in Sweden was used for toweling and textiles needed for absorbency. It makes the perfect towel fabric when combined with our modern yarns built for softness, absorbency and fast drying performance.


Quality textile manufacturing
and artisanal production techniques
are still thriving in the United States.


Artisanal production

Specialized weavers and craftspeople are dedicated to the highest art of weaving. Using in-depth knowledge of historical weaving techniques and decades of experience in hand and power loom weaving, along with a comprehensive understanding of various fibers, yarns and results, we have engineered some of the finest modern textiles.

The intimacy and attention to detail of the custom production weaver helps make each fabric quietly compelling and boldly contemporary.

Custom Color

Our custom dye house has been in business since the early 1900’s and is still operating as a privately owned family business. Changing with the times and modern standards they do not use any heavy metals in their dye process and they are required to treat all waste water restoring it to drinking quality before returning it to nature.