Foundational Wardrobe

Projection vs Protection

Today’s textile industry focusses mainly on how clothing outwardly projects current styles and not on how it protects the human body. My approach to fabric production starts with deciding what the end use will be. The fabric is designed and engineered using very specific formulas to achieve an appropriate density, hand, and drape to serve the garment, and ultimately the person wearing it. Once my production formulas were decided, I needed to find the right person to make the fabric come alive on the body. After many attempts to connect with the right designer, I was introduced to Colleen Quen by way of a brief connection through a network of women. Once we met there was an instant connection and our mutual passion for well produced fabric started us on the journey of exploring garments.

Colleen Quen's art exhibition, 'In the Spirit of Fashion'
Colleen Quen's art exhibition, 'In the Spirit of Fashion'

Dressing with Purpose

Our collaboration strives toward our vision of the ultimate Foundational Wardrobe. In these designs, our goal is to offer garments flexible enough for a range of occasions and functions, and achieving the highest measure of elegance throughout. The Quen/Daley line propels the wearer through a narrative of their daily cycle with quiet simplicity. From donning our quintessential robe upon rising in the morning, through the rigors of the contemporary workday, and into the unexpected moments of relaxation and evening leisures, each piece is tranquil and refined. Each piece plays a role in the story, enveloping you in a quiet, purposeful calm and sophistication. All of the Quen/Daley line is individually fitted for you and handcrafted during our Custom Garment Process by our gifted seamstresses.


Ultimately, our Foundational Wardrobe is a tool for winnowing the chaff from your closet and replacing many garments of disposable quality with a series of durable, ethical choices in the most timeless and contemporary styles. We offer you a chance to feel great about the clothes you wear, discerning and responsible in the path you walk, and serenely ultra modern with every step.