Textile Development and Custom Production

Our fibers, yarns, and fabrics are sourced, produced, and manufactured by craftspeople in the United States. Starting with our custom blend of these finest yarns, using fibers such as merino wool, silk, alpaca, bamboo, linen, and hemp, we have engineered exquisite weaves inspired by early American weaving.From this beginning, we have created comfortable, easy care, and long-lasting textile products.

Because of the organic nature of animal protein fibers such as wool, our fabrics are thermo-neutral in performance. “Thermo-neutral” describes the balance between an organism and it’s environment. Unlike cotton, this fabric actually warms to meet your natural temperature, producing the effect of a second skin, and self-regulating between the ambient temperature and your body’s own heat.

We work with specialized small run weavers and award winning product designers to create thoughtful, functional designs. The results are products and fabrics which meet the challenges of diverse climates and rigorous use, placed in a context of stunning and austere beauty.

Raw Wool

We begin with Merino wool, the most elegant, functional and regenerative fiber in the United States. We aim to source all of our raw materials, yarn and fabric manufacturing in the US.

A rich blend of American Merino wool combined with silk, bamboo rayon, hemp and flax linens create impossibly soft and sturdy yarns.

Careful selection of different hand-sampled weaves is key to fine-tuning the properties of the desired fabric.

We collaborate on the loom with skilled American Masters to create a series of unique technical fabrics.

Generations of experience work to produce fabrics with superb performance and heirloom finishes.

Creating the final garment provides the satisfying end product of a long chain for development, design and craftsmanship.